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« Nádraží »

What do we do?
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The "International Football Club Nádraží" consists of (former) students from the Twente University (Netherlands) and (former) members of the Football Club Drienerlo (Enschede; Netherlands). Our members have the following interests in common:

• Playing Football
• Traveling
• Drinking Beer

The last two items can be found in our club name: "Nádraží":
Nádraží is the Czech word for railway station (we preferably move ourselves by train). Next to that, when raising the glasses to ones health, Czechs shout "Na Zdraví!", which can be corrupted to, indeed, Nádraží!

Next to drinking beer and sightseeing, we love to play some football during our trips. It does not matter if it is indoor or outdoor football. About our qualities: the only importance for us is the third half of the game.

« Nádraží »

Period till 1995
Period from 1995


Nádraží was founded November 24th 1995 from certain needs of (former) student-Football players. During our study, we dwelled at a regular base outside the borders of Holland at all kinds of student-tournaments.

Period till 1995

In this pré-Nádraží period, we visited a.o.:

  Louvain ('84;'89;'95)
  Treves ('87)
  Rzesow ('91)
  Prag ('92;'93;'94;'95)
  L'viv ('93)

What do we do?

Every year, at least 4 trips are to be arranged. The trips take 1 to 5 days, depending on the destination. Mostly we travel by train, but some distant places need other means of traveling. Annual returning happenings are:

  • "BSIT" (Twente University; outdoor football; May-June; Enschede/Netherlands)
  • "TISC" (Twente University; indoor football; November; Enschede/Netherlands)
  • Keyser Karel Cup (mini-football (outdoor); Ghent/Belgium)
  • F.C.GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi
    (6 against 6; outdoor); June; Amsterdam/Netherlands)

We also organize a more extended visit every year. Over the last years we visited amongst others:


Next events


TISC Dec 6-7 2009 + ALV

Period from 1995

1995 DISC
1996 London
Prag (5)
BSIT (13)
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi
DISC (2)
1997 London (2)
Prag (6)
BSIT (14)
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi (2)
Drienerlo Z5 toernooi
Keyser Karel Cup
DSVD toernooi
1998 BSIT (15)
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi (3)
Keyser Karel Cup (2)
TISC (2)
1999 BSIT (16)
Keyser Karel Cup (3)
TISC (3)
2000 BSIT (17)
Keyser Karel Cup (4)
foto's !! Grodno
TISC (4)
2001 Tallinn
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi (4)
Keyser Karel Cup (5)
TISC (5)
DSVD toernooi (2)
2002 Edinburgh
BSIT (18)
Keizer Karel Cup (6)
TISC (6)
2003 Warsaw
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi (5)
einduitslag BSIT (19)
Keyser Karel Cup (7)
TICS (7)

2004 Budapest
BSIT (20)
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Toernooi (6)
Keyser Karel Cup (8)
TISC (8)
2005 Drienerlo Lustrum Tournament
BSIT (21)
GeuzenMiddenmeer Sixen Tournament (7)
TISC (9)
2006 BSIT (22)
Keizer Karel Cup (9)
TISC (10)
2007 Helgoland
BSIT 2007 (23)
Keyser Karel Cup (10)
TISC (11)
2008 St.Petersburg
BSIT (24)
Sixen Geuzen Middenmeer (8)